Beetle Drive 2019

playing Beetle drive

Great fun was had at the Beetle drive on Saturday 16th March 2019 in the church hall.

The night was superbly managed by Aileen Higgs and the social committee provided wonderful refreshments at the break.

What is a Beetle drive?

You play with a partner on a table of four. You take it in turns to throw a dice and have to get different numbers to draw your beetle, for example 6 for a head, 5 for a head. The first one to complete the Beetle has to shout BEETLE in a very loud voice and everyone stops drawing. You then count your score which depends on how much of the beetle you have drawn! You have to shake that die fast, or you'll be in bother!

An example of a beetle drive  score card
Beetle drive players 2
Beetle drive group of four
ImageBeetle drive  serious expression
Beetle drive table of players