Christian Giving Initiative Campaign 2019

Vicar launches the Christian Giving Initiative Campaign 2019

This month the Vicar at St Mary's Thomas Shepherd has launched the giving initiative campaign.  The last one was 10 years ago, and our current finances require some action.

A booklet has been produced to raise the awareness of the campaign which has gone out to everyone on the parish electoral roll.

"Please take time and trouble to read this booklet very carefully. I should, as a
priest, couch it in theological or biblical terms, but feel that plain speaking about
money is the best approach. So please forgive the directness and urgency of this

Budget for 2019


The Parish Share is £66,000 and General Expenses of £32,000 equal a total of

In round terms this is £1,900 a week. Excluding special appeals and occasional
services, at present the income from general giving (bank standing orders,
envelopes and general plate collections) is just over £1,000.


This is a shortfall of about £900 a week!

There is no magic pot of money it is only the money that people donate which runs the church.

Ways you can help.

Please review your giving to the church.

  • The collection plate
  • Gift Aid donations, either one off or regularly
    •  see Gift Aid explained
    •  Gift Aid form
  • In your Will
    • Making a will
  • Support the fund raising events run by St Mary's which are for enjoyment as well as raising funds
  • Please use the pledge card to pledge your donations so that a financial plan can be made

Practical help is always welcomed in the form of skills, or running fund raising events. Any ideas or offers of help please get in touch with the vicar [at] sandbachchurch [dot] co [dot] uk (subject: Giving%20Initiative) (Vicar), pccsecretary [at] sandbachchurch [dot] co [dot] uk (subject: Giving%20Initiative) (PCC) or Social Committee



PDF Documents: 
Giving Initialtive Booklet
Gift Aid Declaration
Gift Aid explained
Pledge cards
Making a will