Heritage Project

The heritage project has been initiated to promote the heritage of St Mary's Church and its parishioners over the years of its history. We are looking to gather as much information and artefacts about St Mary's and its social history for the churches archives but also to encourage more interest in the church whether it be as congregation or visitors to the building.

This project is being run by John Bottomley, Sheenagh Ashworth and Brian Day. If you have any information or can help in any way please get in touch with them Contact page or email the magazine [at] sandbachchurch [dot] co [dot] uk (subject: Heritage%20project) (magazine)

Minshull Presentation

This made a wonderful evening where the audience could learn all about the heritage of Sandbach and St Marys. This has been an ideal start to the Heritage project.

Your Anecdotes

We have received lots of photographs and would like to expand on these, particularly asking for your memories and stories of:  your time at the Church School;  any outings that you have been on;  any church organisations of which you were members.

Collators needed

Many thanks to everyone who is contributing their valuable information and artifacts this is a great help. Anyone that can help collate this information please get in touch. We would like to be able to display the information we are collecting.

Dane Valley Art Society Members

Are you a member? would you like to become a member?

Chris McIlwaine, from the Dane Valley group of the Arts Society (formerly known as NADFAS) in Holmes Chapel, met with us to discus ways forward.  The Arts Society can produce discovery trails, specifically for children, for churches and have one in place at St Luke's Holmes Chapel which is excellent.  As a much larger project, they can also document all historical items within a church.  We have the support of Chris for a Heritage Trail but to enable this we need to be a member of the Arts Society.  If anyone is already a member, or would like to become a member, could they please contact us (Sheenagh, Brian or John)