Bee's Photo Challenge

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Sun 29 Nov 2020

St Mary’s Church, Sandbach – Photo Challenge

Bee has put together a ‘photo challenge’ which she will be doing throughout advent.  It will help her to wait purposefully and thoughtfully, Bee would love it if you joined in with her.

Simply take a picture that connects with the designated word for the day and tag St Mary’s on Facebook or Instagram.  It will be wonderful to see what images and inspiration that you come up with.  It may help us all to notice different views and appreciate a fresh the normal things of life!

  If you are interested there is a reading to go with each word to remind of why we anticipate.  Do join whatever Advent means to you.

Instagram: @sandbachchurch #Sandbachadvent #day1

Facebook: @St.Mary’s Church Sandbach #Sandbachadvent #day1



Photo challenge chart