Regular Services


8.00am Sunday

The service at 8.00am lasts about half an hour and follows the version of Holy Communion in the Book of Common Prayer (Book of Common Worship, Order 2). Between 10 and 15 people attend. There are no hymns and it includes a very short sermon. If you want time to pray or think in peace, the doors open about 7.40am. If you want to speak to the vicar there is usually an opportunity to do so at the end of the service.

10.00am Sunday

The service at 10.00am is the Parish Eucharist and is a more modern-language service from the Book of Common Worship (Order 1). Hymns are part of the service as is a simple music setting of some of the words of the service. There’s a sermon, usually lasting about ten minutes. Altogether about 50 to 60 people attend. A crèche area for young children is available at the back of church. Refreshments follow in the church hall.

Feel free to come to any of these services and try them out and see which suits you best

Other services are announced on the Notice Board and through the Parish Magazine