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How to get to St Mary's by car

Parking is always difficult around the church especially on Thursdays. As yet there are no charges made for parking legally in most parts of town. Street parking is usually not too bad on Sundays either Crown Bank (CW11 1FW) or High Street (CW11 1AL).  Monday to Saturday during office hours there are restrictions on length of stay.

There is usually room on the lower Waitrose carpark (CW11 4BE) or "The Commons" (CW11 1EG). Both are a 2-3 minute walk from the church.  You have to decide which side of the church you want to be on about a mile away thanks to the one way system around town - hence the postcodes for sat navs (although we are not entirely convinced these work correctly!)

We respectfully request that you do not park on private or business car parks, such as the numerous public houses and restaurants in the town, without prior permission.

"Easy Access" is somewhat difficult around church.  The best place for wheel-chair users is to drive on to the Commons (CW11 1AP) and use the access between Ladbrokes and Godfrey Williams (delicatessen) and then around the church hall on the level pathway.  Unfortunately parking is heavily restricted there.