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St Marys Sunshine from the Main Street
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Welcome to St Mary's Church Sandbach

Revd Bee behind alter in front of choir stalls
Lord, in these days of Mercy, make us quiet and prayerful;
in these days of challenge, make us stronger in you;
in these days of emptiness, take possesion of us;
in these days of waiting, open our hearts to the mystery of your cross

During Lent

Thursdays -Living His Story: Bee will be running a group during Lent to read and explore a book by Hannah Steele called Living His Story.  It is the Arch Bishop of Canterbury's recommended Lent Book.  The meeting will take place on zoom and starts Thursday 18th February at 3pm - Although people welcome to join at point through Lent.

Please contact Bee for the zoom link on vicarbee [at] sandbachchurch [dot] co [dot] uk

Sunday Evening Prayer: During Lent there will be a chance to join Bee on a Sunday evening at 6pm  "Praying through Lent" using different forms of prayer to be still and hear to God.  If you would like to join or know more please contact Bee for the zoom link on vicarbee [at] sandbachchurch [dot] co [dot] uk

Social Events

We are looking for willing volunteers to organise some other social events, at the moment these will have to be conducted on-line (this does mean you can see peoples faces and not just their masks). If you have any ideas please get in touch with the Sylvia or Judy.

Events have been organised to be streamed on line. See the Calendar below

Supporting Church Funds

An easy way of raising funds is to first go to , and then do your on-line shopping.

There is a new page to help make giving donations to St Mary Church Sandbach easier, for those on-line and/or with a telephone. Please take a look: and share with your friends


There is further information on the Church of England website.

PDF Documents: 
On-line Service Booklet, November 2020
Spiritual Resources
A message from Bee, the new vicar
Prayers for use during the Corona Pandemic
Psalm 121
Nativity Trail Instructions

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Find out about Baptism at St Mary's Church.


Find out about getting married at St Mary's Church

St Mary's News

  • 27 Feb

    We are putting together an evening of entertainment on Zoom to raise money for St Mary's and provide a distraction in these difficult times. If you would like to join us please send your name, contact number, and email address Heather and John using musicgroup [at] sandbachchurch [dot] co [dot] uk (subject: Variety%20evening) (musicgroup )Suggested donation is £5.

  • 19 Feb

    Bingo with playing cards. You need 2 packs of playing cards, discs or buttons to place, make a grill 5 cards across and 5 down, 25 cards.

    Caller shuffles second pack of cards and deals calling the numbers ,first person to win a row shouts Bingo, and it follows on from there.

    Just a bit of fun, Sorry no prizes !! If interested Ring Judy 757614.

  • 19 Dec

    Between 10am - 12pm you can exchange your completed Nativity trail worksheets for a goody bag.  This bag will contain all the ingredients you need for a Christingle. There will be an on-line christingle service on our Facebook page on the 19th at 12noon

  • 13 Dec

    Book early to avoid disappointment.

    Join Churches Together in Sandbach from Sunday 13th December from 5pm

    Sandbach Commons Car Park

    Entry by ticket only, Covid safe event, single households per car. All cars must be registered. No visitors on foot

    For more information on how to book contact: cgriffithsfifty [at] gmail [dot] com (subject: Drive%20in%20Carols)

  • 5 Dec

    There are three ways that you can enjoy are trail marked with stars to show the level of difficulty.  Download, print out and have FUN. They are labelled Star 1, Star2, Star3, depending on the level of difficulty. Once completed the worksheets can be exchanged for a goody bag on 19th December 2019 10am-12noon. Full details: Nativity Trail




Limited services from Sunday 19th July
Details here

Wed 3 March

Thu 4 March

Mon 8 March

Tue 9 March

Wed 10 March

Thu 11 March

Mon 15 March

Tue 16 March

Wed 17 March

Safeguarding: St Mary's Church takes its duty and obligation to protect all extremely seriously. We have adopted the national Church of England's robust procedures and guidelines. You can find out more about the national policies and procedures at