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Pentecost Alter


Sunday the 23rd May we celebrated Pentecost. On this day we remember the first time the first time the Holy Spirit anointed the disciples. The day the Spirit came to be among Gods people as a guide and comforter. We thought about how balloons are a great example of seeing how our breathe can change an object into something fuller and more as it was intended. That is what we are celebrating when we think about the Spirit among us, also thought of as Gods breath, breathing life in us. With the help of the Spirit we can live a life that is full of purpose and full of love.

This poem helps us to think about the purpose being a purpose for all of us together as the People of God.

When we Breathe Together

This is the blessing
we can not speak
by ourselves

This is the blessing
we cannot summon
by our own devices,
cannot shape
to our own purposes,
cannot bend to our own will.

This is the blessing
that comes
when we leave behind
our aloneness.
when we gather
we turn
toward one another.

This is the blessing
that blazes among us
when we speak
the words
strange to our ears,
when we finally listen
into the chaos,
when we breathe together
at last.


Jan Richardson - From a Circle of Grace - 2015




Pentecost Balloons

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